Preventing Diseases by Getting Rid of a Tick Infestation

There are 90 species of ticks in the US alone. Many of these tick species are known to carry mild to fatal diseases like Lyme disease. Protecting your family and pets has a new meaning because of these pests.

Getting professional tick control jamestown will prove highly beneficial.  These services are helpful since they use systematic and scientific methods to eradicate ticks from your vicinity.

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Killing visible ticks in your house

Since ticks are pachyderm, killing them by squashing is not a possibility. Hence, you’ll have to resort to other ways to kill them. The optimal way to dispose of a tick is by picking it up on a piece of toilet paper, squashing it a little, and flushing it down the toilet.   

This method will not kill the tick but will definitely send it far away from your house.

Preventing ticks from sustaining outside

The possibility of a tick infestation occurring inside is bleak because they need humidity and decay to breed. The kind of conditions they need is unusual to find in air-conditioned indoors.

The reason why you might be able to see ticks inside the house is that there might be an infestation in your backyard. These ticks can be carried inside on your pet’s coats or your own clothes.

Doing the following things will ensure that ticks do not find suitable breeding conditions in your backyard.

·    Keep your shrubs, grass, and ground well-lit by trimming them regularly and letting sunlight penetrate.

·    Use anti-tic shampoos and powders to groom your pets so that ticks can not survive on their coats.


Making sure that every corner of your house is warm and fresh will make sure that there no ticks will be comfortable in your house. However, that is not always possible. Therefore, getting professional tick treatment is a must.