Why Dental X-Rays are Performed

If you’ve ever had to get a tooth extracted or get a root canal treatment done, the chances are that you’ve had a dental x-ray taken. X-rays help form dental radiographs of the inside of your teeth that help a dentist determine your oral health.

A dental x ray pell city clinic will help you get a radiograph that your dentist might need to identify problems like cavities and decay. Despite looking complex, dental x-rays are simple and as important as a routine dental checkup.

Factors that affect the frequency at which you’ll have to get dental x-rays

The following factors rule the number of times you’ll have to get dental x-rays in a year.

·    The current health of your teeth

·    Any symptoms of an oral disease

·    Your age

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·    History of tooth and gum decay

·    Your commitment to a dentist

Frequency and reasons for getting a dental x-ray performed

If your dentist wants to track the progress of a specific dental treatment, dental x-rays might have to be taken more frequently than the average annual frequency.

If you’re consulting a new dentist, they will have to take an x-ray to know the status of your teeth to determine the kind of procedures or treatment you might need.

Generally, children require to get dental x-rays much more frequently than adults. This is because dentists might need to track the growth of their adult teeth. It is only through a dental x-ray generated radiograph that a dentist can tell if a child’s adult tooth is being blocked by the corresponding baby tooth, which is the topmost reason why baby teeth are extracted.


Getting dental x-rays is very common. It is as regularly procedural as following your routine oral hygiene. Dental x-rays are crucial for dentists to determine the kind of procedure you’d need, and they are extremely safe to get.